Good Times In South Bend Indiana

Good Times In South Bend Indiana

Make South Bend Your Next Vacation Destination

While South Bend, Indiana is best known as the home of Notre Dame University, there’s quite a lot to do in this sprawling Midwestern city! Beautifully situated along the curving southern banks of the St. Joseph River, South Bend is exciting, affordable, and conveniently located near Chicago. 

Not only is South Bend full of historic architecture and unforgettable sights, cathedrals, and historic monuments, but it also boasts lots of entertaining local activities! In fact, if you know where to go, South Bend can be a fantastic vacation location. 

There are also lots of great hotels and cheap flights to South Bend Indiana. As such, you can enjoy all kinds of urban fun, fine dining, and more, on a budget! Below, we’ll go over some of the best things to do if you decide to visit South Bend!


Walk Around Downtown Near the St. Joseph River

If you’d like to take in the sights and get some fresh air in South Bend, you’ll definitely want to explore the St. Joseph River area. This is the ideal place to enjoy scenic outdoor recreation and local attractions. In addition to this, the St. Joseph river passes right through downtown South Bend! 

Along the river, there’s a dam, various neighborhood parks, a beautiful riverside trail, and more. Also, this is the perfect place to start the day if you want to visit the South Bend Art Museum or any of the other top-rated attractions that South Bend is known for.


Attractions Downtown 

When you’re exploring along the river in downtown South Bend, you’ll find restaurants, shops, and lots of activities to do. For a little bit of local nightlife, there are also some great places to kick back and have a drink with friends. The ever-popular Fiddler’s Hearth pub and restaurant is always a great place to stop in!


Exciting Activities for Everyone

On top of this, South Bend has plenty of local culture and history. Points of interest include the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Studebaker National Museum, and the University of Notre Dame. And of course, there’s always the Potawatomi Zoo! 

Notre Dame was founded in 1842. The University of Notre Dame is a must-see location that distinguishes South Bend from the cities around it. 

During your visit to the university, you’ll notice historic Gothic architecture and a sprawling campus with an academic feel and a powerful presence. Speaking of Gothic architecture, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart is quite a stunning sight as well!


Visit Chicago WIthout Breaking the Bank 

In addition to this, South Bend is conveniently located near the city of Chicago. Therefore, you can stay in South Bend while saving a significant amount of money and still visit Chicago, the great lakes, and so much more. 

Plus, it’s surprisingly easy to find cheap flights to South Bend Indiana. Then, when you’re ready to head into Chicago, simply hop on a train and you’re all set! All in all, if you’ve been looking for an amazing place to visit or stay with plenty to do, don’t miss out on beautiful South Bend Indiana. 



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