An All-American Traveler’s Guide to Seattle Washington [2021 Edition]

An All-American Traveler’s Guide to Seattle Washington [2021 Edition]

All About Seattle’s Neighborhoods and Attractions

From easy access to scenic outdoor mountain adventures to world-class dining and a booming music scene, there’s no shortage of things to do in Seattle Washington. Unquestionably, this exciting city has new things to uncover with every visit! 

Every neighborhood in Seattle has its own signature vibe. There are plenty of draws to each unique area depending on how you like to travel, and what your vacation style is. Below, we’ll go over some of Seattle’s best neighborhoods, things to do in the area, and even offer suggestions on things to do in Seattle on a budget. 

Why Visit Seattle

There are many reasons to visit Seattle. First of all, Seattle has some of the most unique architecture and historical locations in the country. Plus, this iconic city offers all kinds of activities for visitors of all ages and backgrounds!

So, whether you’re traveling with your kids or simply want to find a spectacular music scene with lots of nightlife, Seattle is a fantastic place to stay. Moreover, Seattle is near Mount Rainier, one of the most beautiful mountains in the entire world. 

If you’re looking for things to do on a budget in Seattle, Pioneer Square and Pike’s Place offer a lot of local charm, dining, waterfront views, and end even some free activities. In the area, you’re sure to find some great street performers as well! 

Seattle’s Main Attractions

There’s always something new and exciting to do in the Seattle area. Key attractions in Seattle include Pike’s Place Market, the Woodland Park Zoo, tons of top-rated restaurants, bars, and music venues, and of course, the Space Needle. 

Where to Stay in Seattle

When you visit Seattle, you’ll quickly realize that there are many places to stay all over the city. Seattle is a sprawling metropolitan area. This means that it’s made up of neighborhoods that divided it into many distinctive sections. Plus, you can easily find hotels anywhere throughout the city.

A Guide to Seattle’s Neighborhoods 

If you’re a first-timer, you’ll definitely want to stay near Pioneer Square, Belltown, or Capitol Hill. As for tourism, activities, and family fun, Green Lake, Wallingford, Fremont, and West Seattle are ideal options. Or, for exciting nightlife, Capital Hill and Ballard have you covered. 

Pioneer Square and Pikes Place Market

As a port city, Pioneer Square and Pike’s Place define Seattle’s aesthetic. Just a few minutes from here, you’ll find the world-famous Space Needle in the Queen Anne historic neighborhood. Without a doubt, these are the areas to visit to immerse yourself in the most iconic and well-known parts of Seattle. 

Ballard, Fremont, Capitol Hill, and West Seattle

Then, Ballard is a trendy spot for foodies, hipsters, and those who love local breweries. West Seattle is a laid-back area where you’ll enjoy a coastal feel. Green Lake and Wallingford have a local vibe with plenty of walking paths and waterways. 

Additionally, Fremont is quirky and laid back with coffee shops, cafes, boutiques, and plenty of shopping. Alternatively, Belltown is situated in the center of downtown very close to Pike’s Place Market. Finally, Capitol Hill is where you’ll find Seattle’s college kids. This is a lively neighborhood that’s great for cutting loose, late-night dining, and brunching!

Public Market Square in Seattle, Washington
Public Market Center, Seattle, Washington, USA

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